Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your participation!

Boot Camp: ˈbo͞ot ˌkamp/

A short, intensive and rigorous course of training.

Thank you for joining The NETwork and Madelyn Mackie for our Career Document Boot Camp!! Your feedback is a gift… please take a moment to complete a brief survey HERE. Alternatively you can access the survey HERE!

Starts November 6 at 3PM PST. Every Monday!

LinkedIn Strategy – Monday November 6 at 3PM PST
Job Search Strategy – Monday November 13 at 3PM PST
Interview Prep – Monday November 20 at 3PM PST
Salary Negotiations – Monday November 27 at 3PM PST


6 thoughts on “Your feedback is greatly appreciated. Thanks for your participation!”

  • It was a fabulous Boot Camp! I personally learned so much more than I could have imagined possible! Thanks so much Latya for bringing this to us! I will be sharing what I learned!!!

  • Sherry Jackson says:

    This information was very helpful and you provided new insights on how approach updating my resume. I plan to take advantages of your promos. Hope they are available until EOY.

  • This Boot camp was invaluable for me given I have been with the company 20+ years. Seeing examples of how to leverage years of experience in a clear, concise and complete format will no only help with the remainder of my career her, but also my post retirement life. Thank you


    The information was invaluable. Thank you for offering such priceless information. Looking forward to continuing on with the coaching sessions.

  • J'Neane Victor says:

    This boot camp was JUST what I needed. I am so excited to work with Madelyn to make sure my qualifications sing on my resume. Thank you for giving us (chapters) the ability to bring this valuable information to our members!

  • This seminar was very informative and provided valuable information that will be utilized to enhance and prepare me for future career movement. I look forward to partaking in the Career Jump Start session. Thanks again.

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