The Lewis H. Latimer Scholarship

The Lewis H. Latimer Scholarship

The Lewis H. Latimer Scholarship

2018 UNCF/The NETwork Giving Initiative: “March to 100K”

We are asking for each member to give $100 toward this great effort, if possible.

Our campaign will run through 3/31 and our target goal is: $100k!

Let us keep our momentum as we March to our goal!

Click Here to start your March!

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Virtual Mentoring Auction Results: Thanks for your participation!

In Support of the Lewis H. Latimer Scholarship

If you had an opportunity to tap into the insights of some of AT&T’s top executives ONE ON ONE, would you be ready? What burning questions would you ask? How would you make the most of the opportunity?

Guess what, that moment may arrive sooner than you think! The NETwork is hosting our first national virtual mentoring auction. From 8/21/17- 9/1/17, you will have a shot at bidding on invaluable mentoring time with selected leaders across the business.

Connect with leaders from Entertainment Group, Global Marketing, Legal, Finance, Human Resources, Business Solutions and MORE!

More Information

Prepare yourself with  10 Killer Questions To Make the Most Out of Your Mentor Meeting.

Bidding starts at $25 and your tax deductible contribution will support The NETwork National Scholarship.