About Us

We are an organization of Black Integrated Communications Professionals open to everyone. Our brand celebrates our 50-year heritage and represents the optimism, vision and determination that will pave the way for the next generation of leaders.

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National Programs & Initiatives

The NETworker Awards

Welcome to The NETworker Awards Congratulations to our winners! 2019 NETworker of the Year Lucinda (Lucy) Smith 2020 – NETworker of the Month Kesha Brown – LA Chapter Past Winners: Gale Ballard | Sept 2020 NETworker of the month Derneeka Childers | Aug 2020 NETworker of the month Richard Butler | Jul 2020 NETworker of […]


eSTEAM, is our flagship youth enrichment program, aimed at exposing underserved minority youth across the country to areas of Science, Technology, Engineering, Arts & Math.

Talent Development

Empowering our members through action learning. From the Skills Development Program to Monthly TalentED Blogs, the Talent Development Office is here to support your development & growth.


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Black History Month 2021

Click The NETwork Black History Month 2021 Calendar for your daily black history facts.

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The UNCF Needs Us More Now Than Ever!

In a recent communication from UNCF President, Michael Lomax, Ph.D., the call for help was clear. “The fast-moving effects of the COVID-19 outbreak have left our students and HBCUs breathless as the disruptions to their daily lives and impacts of this crisis grows,” Lomax said.   Below are the most pressing needs: *Students without funds […]

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The NETwork BICP Celebrates Black History

This month is filled with events that you will find to enrich your lives. We look forward to the celebration of our rich legacies and our stories that are currently in the making. And, we look forward to you joining us. 2/3 – 2/6: School Daze , 2/13: The Other Boys of Summer , 2/26: […]