July 2020 – Felicia Lateef

Felicia Lateef, Lead Benefits Consultant

Is your natural state of being as one with your soul? Are you in a harmonious state of love? Are you feeling peace and bliss? Or, are you out of balance somewhere? Are you emotionally intelligent at work? What about as a leader? These are the questions directly and/or indirectly proposed in the book “Emotional Intelligence 2.0 – Mastery your emotions, develop and boost your EQ to improve the skill to business and relationship” introduction.

Psychologist, Peter Salovey defines emotional intelligence (EI) as “the ability to perceive emotions, to access and generate emotions, to understand emotions and emotional knowledge, and to reflectively regulate emotions so as to promote emotional and intellectual growth.”

The 5 components to emotional intelligence are self-awareness, self-regulation, motivation, empathy and social skills. As you evolve through these areas your focus shifts from your success to the best interest of others. The work environment also benefits from your internal work and manifest in more collaborative teams helping each other develop and grow.  Throughout my career journey I believe that I have incorporated a couple of these components and mostly during seasons of change like starting a job with a new company, taking on a new role, a promotion, joining a new team or relocating with my company. Utilizing each of these components brought on initial emotional stability but fell short on the balance I hoped to reach.  Over time I have become more intentional with leveraging all components and can see the results in healthy business relationships. Let alone the increasing levels of peace and renewed energy on helping others. The self-work is worth it.

Emotional Intelligence while navigating your career under calm conditions requires focus and patience with yourself as you enter uncharted territory.  Add the element of a global pandemic and then layer on social unrest; while trying to evolve your emotional intelligence can feel exhausting and unattainable.  So, give yourself grace.

In summary EI, it is the ability to be self-aware, self-manage, motivate ourselves and express empathy for others. Thus, resulting in emotional wealth to encourage our personal, professional and spiritual growth. This level of awareness of your emotions coupled with controlled action/reaction aides in developing healthy social skills and a newfound level of compassion for others.