What are you doing to prepare for your next career move?  Whether your next role is in 6 months or 2 years, you should prepare today.  Whether your next role is a lateral move or a promotion, you should prepare today.  This is a point I try to instill in my team.  My name is Yalonda Moore and I am an Associate Director in the AT&T Technology and Operations (ATO) Organization.  I have been an employee at AT&T for 28 years. In that time, I have not witnessed change at the rate we are seeing today, both inside and outside of AT&T.  Competition is fierce and the stakes are high.

These observations, along with the abundance of training opportunities offered here at AT&T, served as the catalyst for me to invest in my growth.  My story is not one of all success, as I did have a bump in the road, but was able to regroup and refocus to obtain my goal.  You seein 2017 I signed up for the Data Analyst Nanodegree program.  I did not spend the time required to complete all assignments.  Thus, I did not finish the program.  However, I knew this was something I wanted to accomplish.  Instead of being defeated, I re-registered for the program, paying out of pocket.  This time things were different, and I was determined to be successful.  As an added benefit, the program had changed and was quite a bit shorter.  I successfully completed the Data Analyst Nanodegree program in November 2018.

As I created my 2019 personal goals, I knew I had to incorporate learning.  I wasn’t sure which training program I wanted to pursue.  I began looking through LinkedIn training, and discovered AT&T had established an arrangement with LinkedIn, which granted AT&T employees access to their training at no cost.  Given my Operations background, I decided to enroll in ITIL® training to learn more about the structured approach to IT Service Management.  Did I mention change already?  I ask because the ITIL® training changed in February 2019 from v3 to v4 to align with new methodologies.  In August 2019, I acquired an ITIL® v4 Certification.  Shortly after AT&T and Microsoft announced their partnership, I became very interested in learning more about the public cloud.  I am now pursuing a Microsoft Azure Fundamentals Certification.

I have found not only am I making myself relevant by learning new skills, I enjoy learning.  The skills I am acquiring can be applied anywhere.  For you it may not be a Nanodegree or cloud computing.  The key is to learn something that keeps you relevant in the business/technology world we work in today.  If you already work in your desired area, then deepen your knowledge, become that expert.  Innovation and Change are continuous; therefore, Learning should be also. Take time to invest in yourself, if you don’t, who will…