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Order Your 50th Anniversary T-Shirt!!

Get your Road to the 50th Anniversary T-Shirt now to support the celebration in 2019!

Did you know The NETwork Black Integrated Communications Professionals, AT&T’s oldest ERG, is turning 50 years old next year? We are so excited to reach this milestone!

The NETwork BICP’s 50th Anniversary is a significant milestone in the life of AT&T, the Industry and our Nation. We plan to celebrate in grand fashion in July 2019 at the Crystal Marriot Gateway in Washington D.C. As we journey to that date, this year on the road to the 50th Anniversary we will be celebrating with an iconic T-shirt. The T-shirt will be worn at this year’s ERG conference in September and other events hosted by The NETwork BICP up until the celebration in July 2019. Please join us in sharing our message about AT&T’s oldest ERG with the purchase of our 50th Anniversary T-shirt designed by Mohammed Farshori.

Click here to get your 50th Anniversary T-Shirt now and show your pride and style. Purchase your T-shirt today! Share the offer link with your fellow NETwork members, co-workers, family and friends.

Let everyone know “The NETwork is turning 50 in 2019!” I’ll be in D.C. to celebrate, will you?


The NETwork 50th Anniversary Planning Team is Looking for Volunteers!

The NETwork National planning team is eager and excited as we develop the plan our 50th Anniversary Celebration for July 2019 in Washington, D.C. We are beginning to form the individual committees that will be key to delivering the world class event that will honor our heritage as the oldest Employee Resource Group at AT&T.

Beginning today, we are looking for volunteers who would like to work with one of our committees to plan and support the celebration. This will be a great opportunity for volunteers to engage, network, grow and sharpen their hidden talents.

If you would like to learn more and volunteer for this effort, please click on our Volunteer Portal link here


Join us in Washington DC!



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