Talent Development

The mission of The NETwork Talent Development Office is to develop the capabilities of employees of AT&T and its subsidiaries and nurture their careers through action learning.

The NETwork Skills Development Program

(Only available to AT&T Employees)

Transform your future by skilling up today! Our Skills Development Program will help you do just that, with Business, Leadership, and Technical learning paths. In addition to all the skills learned, and potential degrees and certifications earned, completion of a learning path also earns you a tSpace badge! or visit The NETwork National Talent Development tSpace

For questions or for more information about the learning paths, email the Talent Development Office or visit The NETwork National Talent Development tSpace.

Improve your business acumen!

Course topics include Business Case Development, Finance, Sales, Marketing, Operations, Supply Chain, Data Analytics, Presentation and Writing Skills.

Learn the keys to being a great leader!

Course topics include Emotional Intelligence, Strategic Thinking, Building Trust, Persuading Others, and Communicating with Confidence.

From beginner to expert technical level, there is something for you!

Coursework includes programming, data analytics, cybersecurity, Internet of Things, and artificial intelligence.

  • Beginner and Intermediate levels are shared learning paths within the Personal Learning Experience (PLE) portal.
  • Advanced level is an AT&T approved technical certification or nanodegree.
  • Expert level is an AT&T approved technical degree program.

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