The NETworker Awards

What is The NETwork Award?

In January 2019, the National Engagement Committee (“NEC”) introduced The NETworker Award, a new Rewards & Recognition program designed to target and boost engagement from local chapter members not currently serving on the local chapter board. Just because you do not serve on the local chapter board, does not mean we don’t appreciate and/or see the things you do as members behind the scenes and out in the trenches!! We appreciate you and want to show you that we do!  We have one NETworker winner each month (announce each month for the previous month) and one NETworker of the Year award as well (announced in January of the following year)! Each Nominee will be recognized with a certificate and gift We hope to see your name in the spotlight!!! Contact your local chapter leadership for more information!

2021 NETworker of the Year

Christina Evans 
Christina Evans | The NETwork DFW Chapter Member

August 2022 – NETworker of the Month

Steve Harris | The NETwork DFW Chapter Member

Past Winners: