The NETworker of the Month-Current Winner


NETworker of the Month for August 2022

Steve Harris has been an instrumental member of The NETwork DFW chapter since we leveraged his extensive network in order to deepen our roots in the DFW community. Steve has a gift of connecting people across multiple organizations and establishment. Our anchoring fundraising events are Celebration of the Arts and Juneteenth – these are programs that allow for us to not only funnel our pipeline but allows us to engage the community. Steve understood where to plug in from a networking perspective to address gaps in our sponsorship pool and marketing. He did not hesitate to join the Program Planning subcommittee as a fresh set of eyes with new perspective.  
The NETwork DFW operates off 4 district pillars: Education, Networking, Community and Volunteerism. Steve naturally fit into the Networking and Community pillars where we conduct additional programs such as Get to the Polls, eSTEAM, etc. We are excited that he is helping The NETwork DFW to kick off our pre-EG conference meet and greet with other EGs at AT&T and outside of the company. His love for connecting people to position them to expand professionally is essential to us to continue to grow as a chapter.  
The DFW chapter is honored to have the talent and commitment from Mr. Steve Harris. He truly is an additional backbone to the Program Planning and Development team that we are happy to have. He is truly leadership ready.  

“CONGRATULATIONS Steve for this well-deserved honor!”