In a recent communication from UNCF President, Michael Lomax, Ph.D., the call for help was clear. “The fast-moving effects of the COVID-19 outbreak

have left our students and HBCUs breathless as the disruptions to their daily lives and impacts of this crisis grows,” Lomax said.


Below are the most pressing needs:

*Students without funds to get home

*Students without places to stay as colleges close

*Students without laptops, tablets and broadband access to continue their education online


Please help us to support the UNCF’s mission and provide for their member HBCUs and those students impacted by the COVID-19 outbreak

so that they can respond to this crisis and continue their education online.

Our 2020 giving campaign is open until April 30.   ————- >  Click HERE to learn more & give!

Thank you for your generous support over the last 38 years!